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    Apps, Wearables, Web and IOT
    A Quality Infrastructure at Your Service.
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Our Services Driven by experts !

Quality & Risk Management

Forecasting & Reducing Risk

Quality speaks the success story of any business. We forecast the risk and provide effective ways to reduce its frequency via our own QMS.

Functional Testing

Validation & Verification Experts

The QA folks are equipped with functional knowledge to serve with best methodologies and functional test levels.

Non Functional Testing

Robustness and Compliance

We take care of robustness & security of softwares. We have left footprints on making application as "Quality Assured".

Mobile App Testing

Our Core Center of Excellence

Our mobile testing labs take the ownership of Apps which cover all fucntional & non-functional testing aspects.

Advisory Services

Global Pioneer in Consultancy

We aim to be innovative and affordable in the implementation of best practices suitable as per the business needs.

Digital Services

Complimentary Add-on of Every Solution

We focus on creating values and principles that are measurable which is the essence of digitisation.We offer the maturity of technology, stage of market adoption with the combination of IOT.

Mobile App Development

Preparing Mobility for Your Business

We believe in delivering Intelligent, sentiment analytical, Innovative & Intuitive Mobile Apps which makes application stand out as per the market standards.

Business App Development

Transformation of Idea

Our special team of conceptual experts understand ideas and then experts in technology transform your idea into application.

Social Media Services

Loud in the Crowd

We no longer 'Just' develop the application but amplifies its usage on social sites which spreads like viral and shoots the target market.

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    Banking & Finance

    BFSI - Our Core Domain

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    Digital Media

    Boost Your Brand's Online Reputation

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    B2B & B2C Insurance Solutions

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    Travel & Visa Immigration

    Customized Travel Technology Solutions

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    Customized Healthcare Solutions

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    Govt. Industry Solutions

    Public Sector Solutions

Why choose Arcelius ?

Arcelius although a small name in market but had a wide span of clients and had left its footprints in every domain. In such a small journey of 3 years it had grown to heights of having expertise in each area. Arcelius delivers technology solutions that leverage data to enable business insights. By deploying our breakthrough technology innovations, we help our global clients to maximize their competitive market. Our people and technology provide the insights clients need to continue to lead their fields. We provide a platform for your passion and helps you attain your objectives. People who have a passion for learning, a desire to excel and the wisdom to feed their curiosity. We believe in DO IT YOURSELF rather than following any pattern.

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  • Kapil Dhawan CEO, Co-founder

    As the founder and CEO of Arcelius, Kapil Dhawan, is responsible for providing the vision, overall leadership and driving sales for the organization. Kapil founded Arcelius in Nov 2014 to start an agile organisation focused on various technology services, known for its deep business domain capabilities and high customer satisfaction focus. Armed with a collective work experience of over 12 years, a technologist and a hands-on approach in IT services delivery, Kapil is regarded as a prodigy in the industry. He is known for his visionary outlook and strategic insights that have helped him drive business from the micro as well as macro perspectives.

  • Rakesh Singh CTO, Co-founder

    A tireless traveller who is always willing to meet customers. Singh personifies ARCELIUS' commitment to its culture of customer centricity, its reputation for high service quality as well as its tradition of innovation. A technopreneur known for his ability to make big bets on new technology.

  • Hairat Director

    Hairat owns good exposure and experience of 10 years as a Quality Assurer in varied large scale companies. This role held her accountable for a wide range of responsibilities, such as managing all quality assurance of company products/projects prior to final delivery. She posses outstanding analytical skills and can provide clients the best possible solutions. She is able to predict the difficulties in the application at an early stage and due to her niche of interpersonal skills she is heading the Customer relationship. She is the backbone of Arcelius, as the oldest employee and is associated with the company from the day of its emergence.


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